Self-managed Super Fund

For those wanting greater control or specific assets not offered by traditional super funds, a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) may be appropriate.

Investors often forget that a superannuation fund is simply a legal entity (like a company or family trust) that has been afforded significant taxation advantages.

The Trust Deed sets out the terms and conditions by which the fund must operate. A flexible deed will allow you to better plan for tax effective wealth transfer and allow greater flexibility in the type of pension payments you choose to receive. It will offer you the flexibility to choose the investments you seek along with the ability to control those investments within the fund.

SMSF’s are regulated by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and can have up to 4 members and all members must be trustees (or directors if there is a corporate trustee).

Like regulated superannuation funds, an SMSF must comply with superannuation and taxation laws, record keeping and reporting obligations as well as auditing requirements. A key difference with an SMSF however, is that the trustee (who is also a member) is responsible for every decision made about the fund and ensuring it complies with all relevant laws.

We can assist across many areas of SMSF’s including the following:

  • Determining whether establishing an SMSF is appropriate
  • Portfolio construction recommendations in line with the fund’s Trust Deed and Investment Policy
  • Managing contributions
  • Understanding rules around buying property
  • Transitioning from accumulation to pension phase
  • Rollover administration
  • Referrals to specialist accountants and legal professionals who can assist with the establishment of new SMSF’s or reviewing existing structures
  • Assessing appropriateness of beneficiary nominations in terms of tax, asset protection, ease of transition etc

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