Australian Shares

Australian shares represent part ownership in a company and usually provide income payments through dividends and can produce growth if the share price increases.

What are the benefits of investing in Australian Shares?

1. Strong returns over the long term

Over the long term Australian shares have provided strong after-tax returns.

2. Income Generation

Australian shares pay income in the form of dividends. If investing via a managed fund or Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) then income is paid in the form of a distribution, which may include realised capital gains.

3. Protect Against Inflation

By generating capital growth Australian shares can help protect clients’ investments against both inflation and erosion of capital.

4. Tax Effective Income

Australian shares are the most tax effective of all asset classes.This is because of dividend imputation.

5. Correlation Benefits With Other Asset Classes

Investments in Australian shares can diversify the portfolio through correlation benefits with other investments such as fixed interest and this may lead to smoother returns in different market cycles.

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