Clients come to us for
peace of mind financial solutions

Why Logical? Because we are a genuine, honest, face to face alternative to the big financial institutions, and we have been operating this way since the beginning.

Our difference is logical

Our duty is to our clients first

Decisions are made with our clients’ best interest uppermost in mind. Each financial plan is individually designed to meet our clients’ complex goals, needs, preferences and challenges. This approach allows us to help clients realise success by implementing suitable investment and financial planning strategies.

A key aspect of what sets us apart is that we have in-house investment research and portfolio construction capabilities. As a privately-owned financial planning firm we are not limited to investing in ‘off-the-shelf’ products or ‘model portfolios’. We can solve complex wealth strategy challenges, combining investment and financial planning capabilities.

We are a team of experienced advisers

Our advisers have completed extensive training, are highly experienced, and are committed to the highest ethical standards. The Principals are Certified Financial Planners (CFP).

We value continuing education and professional development, and we are always seeking more knowledge to provide clients with the best financial solutions possible.

Our business is built on long-term meaningful relationships, and we pride ourselves on actively listening, assessing, making recommendations, and monitoring our clients’ progress.

We believe in total transparency

We believe in total transparency of all fees and charges applying to our advice. This transparency applies not just to our fees and charges but also to the fees and charges received by other parties involved, such as administrators and wholesale investment managers.

We strive to reduce fees from all sources and pass those savings on to our clients. In that way we ensure our clients pay no more than necessary.

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