We help you reach
your financial goals sooner

The action you take today will help build financial security for you and those you care about. In our ever busy lives, we help navigate which strategies can help you reach your goals sooner.


Ensure your super fund is right for you now and flexible enough to remain suitable with changes in employment. Know how to prioritise between making contributions to super, making additional mortgage repayments or implementing other strategies.

Portfolio Management

We will help you tailor investment portfolios specifically for you and your goals. We have extensive knowledge and understanding of investment strategies and products which when combined improves the probability of you meeting your goals.

Ownership Structures

Whether you’re saving for your children’s education, a property purchase or retirement, we will assist in determining which structure is appropriate for building assets in. We consider the options, such as your own name, joint names, super and/or family trusts in light of the tax implications, cost, estate planning and protection features of each and matching them with your circumstances and goals.

Managing Debt

Used wisely, debt can help us achieve our goals. We can give tips to paying off existing debt faster as well as assess whether new debt will be appropriate via a gearing strategy.

Case Study – Jacob and Rebecca

When Jacob and Rebecca came to see us, Jacob was the breadwinner of the family and Rebecca was a stay at home mum with a toddler and pregnant with their second child. Between them they had five different super accounts, a few small personal debts and a few different savings account. They knew their affairs needed ‘tidying’ and now that they had their mortgage almost paid, wanted to redirect their savings to something better than cash. However neither had the time to research different options and they didn’t really know where to start.

Logical helped them to:

Tidy their super

We have moved their super into one account each, ones that are flexible enough to continue to be suitable through different jobs and family changes, with the added advantage of being able to transition into retirement phase seamlessly. We have created bespoke investment investments appropriate for them.

Make their savings work for them

Given their young family, they wanted any surplus cash flow to be invested in an area where it could be accessed at any time. We set up a geared savings plan for them which not only provided them with a better investment return than cash, but provided them with some tax benefits to further free up cash flow.

Seek further legal advice

Seek further legal advice and have new Wills executed to include Testamentary Trusts for the children and Powers of Attorney and Enduring Guardianship to ensure that if either of them were unable to manage their affairs, the other would be okay to carry on making financial and lifestyle decisions.

Have adequate insurance

Have adequate insurance in place to give them the peace of mind that if either of them died or was unable to work again, they could still afford to repay their debts and fund the kids’ education costs.

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