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As retirement gets closer, it’s important to start planning – so you’re financially and emotionally prepared. Planning early is the best way to ensure you’re working towards the retirement you want – no one wants to spend it worrying about money.

Here’s how we can help


Superannuation is a long term saving and investment vehicle to encourage building a nest egg which will ultimately provide you with an income when you retire. We will explain all the issues and ensure that your super works just as hard as you do.

Investing Strategies

We can help you develop your own strategy and portfolio, helping you decide which underlying investments to hold and how much risk to include in your portfolio.

Social Security

We explain the various sets of conditions for each entitlement such as the Age Pension, Pensioner Concession Card, Commonwealth Seniors Health Card and Seniors Supplement. We can implement an investment portfolio that will maximise your social security payments.

We help you think about the longer term retirement issues, such as having your estate planning wishes up to date and focusing on age care needs.

Case Study – Luke and Maureen

Luke and Maureen had been in small business together for many years and their children had long since moved out. They were excited about the prospect of selling the business and were preparing to see more of the world together. Now was the time to reap the benefits of their hard work, but they also want to help their children and grandchildren.

They had invested so much time and energy in the business that they were a bit embarrassed by how little they had planned for the next stage, with very little in super and little understanding of how it worked or how to use it to start an income stream.

Logical helped them to:

  • Understand the CGT small business concessions available to them and ways to utilise the low tax environment of super.
  • Set up account based pensions to provide regular income from their super so that they didn’t have to worry about when or where the next dollar would come from.
  • Understand how a family trust can help transition wealth into the next generations. Some of the proceeds from the sale of the business were used to establish an investment account in the name of the trust. Income from the trust supplements their account based pension income as well as provides ad hoc payments to the kids to pay for things like school fees, their grandson’s first car etc.
  • Derive their desired income in retirement whilst paying no tax, and in fact, receiving the benefit of tax refunds.
  • They have the peace of mind that if one of them passed away or fell ill, the other spouse has the assistance of Logical Financial Management to help them manage their financial affairs, so they aren’t left to do it alone.

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