It’s time to reap the rewards of your working life

For some, it may be spending time with the grandchildren or for others it may be time to explore the world. Whatever you enjoy doing in retirement you’ll still need to make choices about your income needs and investments and government benefits. We’ll help you identify what’s important to you and devise a strategy

You’re not alone

Our team of professionals are highly capable with many years of experience in the financial services industry. The team can help you navigate your investments effectively through retirement by reducing the probability of your money running out before you die and protecting your portfolio from market downturns.

More time for you

We don’t just prepare you for retirement, we’ll implement the portfolio changes and with your help we’ll continue ongoing management of your financial well being.

Peace of mind

One of the things our clients love about our service is the obsessive focus on improving the probability of the client achieving their desired lifestyle outcome.

Aged Care Strategy

We help you understand the options which are available to you if you are no longer able to live independently in your own home and need to transition into an aged care facility.

Resolve Issues

We can assist you with any financial issues that may concern you at any stage of your life cycle.

Case Study – Bill and Maria

Bill was diagnosed with dementia about 5 years before his wife Maria came to see us. She had cared for him very well in their home but Bill was at a stage where he was easily disoriented, fell over regularly and Maria was too worried to leave him on his own. Maria and her kids decided it would be safer for Bill to move to an Aged Care facility.

Bill and Maria had a couple of large term deposits, some shares, bank accounts and their home, and received a part Age Pension from Centrelink.

Maria was worried that if she used her term deposits to pay for the room in an Aged Care facility she wouldn’t have enough income to pay for Bill’s daily fees and her living expenses. She felt she had to sell the family home, a daunting thought when she really wanted to focus her attention on Bill.

Logical helped Maria to:

  • Approach the preferred Aged Care facility with an optimum combination of refundable accommodation deposit and daily accommodation payment that were affordable.
  • Buy time to sell her home when she is ready, and understand the likely impact it would have on Bill’s Aged Care Fees and their Centrelink entitlements.
  • Structure her cash flow into secure, regular sources that were easy to understand and manage.
  • Have peace of mind that they could afford the preferred facility so that Bill could have the best care possible.

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