We make sure that when life throws curve balls you have contingency plans

Hopefully you won’t have to face them, but it’s important they are considered and contingency plans set to help you feel in control and ease any worry.


We help determine what types of cover are appropriate for you, how much cover to have, appropriate ownership of the cover, affordability as well as selecting a quality insurer and product.

Aged Care

For those with ill or elderly family members, the decision to place them into care is often very emotional. We help navigate the options for paying fees in conjunction with managing Centrelink benefits to ensure the right level of care will be affordable.

SME Protection

Ensure disruption to your business is minimised due to the sickness or injury of you or other key staff.

Estate Planning

Appropriate beneficiary nominations, Wills, Powers of Attorney and Enduring Guardianship all help ease the burden for those you care about and reduce the potential for disputes or unfavourable tax consequences.

Case Study – Isaac and Sarah

Isaac and Sarah had adult children still living at home. Ideally they wanted to be able to purchase a unit in the city to be able to work from mid-week returning to their principal home on weekends to see the kids. Isaac also wanted to start planning for retirement, envisaging that he would reduce his work hours in a couple of years, and completely retire between age 60 and 65. They were doubtful that they could afford to do both.

Logical helped them in several ways:

Detailed Scenario Analysis

Our detailed scenario analysis modelling gave them the confidence that they could afford the inner city apartment and Isaac’s retirement goals.

Repatriation of funds

Having worked in several countries, their assets were held in four continents. Some of these funds were repatriated, after consideration of tax implications etc, and some were maintained for overseas travel.

Super consolidation

Isaac’s super was consolidated from three accounts to one, saving over $4,000pa in fees, and invested in a bespoke portfolio suited to his appetite for risk and plans to transition towards retirement.

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