International Shares

International shares are shares that trade on international stock exchanges (e.g. New York and London Stock Exchange) and if 100% unhedged, the value of international shares will be impacted by movements in currencies.

What are the benefits of investing in International Shares?

1. Strong returns over the long term

Over the long term International shares have provided strong after-tax returns.

2. Investment options

Investors are able to invest in companies, industries and asset classes that are not represented, or underrepresented, in the Australian share market.

3. Protect Against Inflation

By generating capital growth International shares can help protect investors against both inflation and erosion of capital.

4. Diversification

Can provide investors with geographic as well as asset class diversification. This means a slowdown in one market should have less of an impact on a portfolio. This may lead to smoother returns in different market cycles.

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